Me And My Beau

Beau and I awoke early this morning to the sunlight shining through the window. The rest of those in the house were still sleeping, so we went outside. It was amazingly peaceful. He and I sat on top of the picnic table and watched other early morning risers walking, biking and jogging on the trail behind us. I closed my eyes for a moment and quietly listened to the sounds of nature. I could hear birds chirping on the neighbors’ roof and in the distance, the echoes of a lawnmower and dogs barking. I felt the gentle breeze around me, and then the humidity of Beau’s breath right in my face, which made me smile.

Me and my Beau

This peacefulness made me think of a framed picture hanging on a wall in my home “Make time for quiet moments for God whispers, and the world is loud.” I think that is the answer for the unspoken question as to why it is time for change. I haven’t taken enough quiet moments, and the world IS loud. Beau and I will be spending more time outside in the tranquility of nature reflecting on what and where our next step will be in our life transformation. I encourage you to try it, even if you only have five minutes to spare, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how clear your mind is at the end of it. Today, we hope you relish in a few quiet moments.

Author: Just Janice

Straightforward. Passionate. Truthful. Determined. Gritty. Tenacious. Loyal. Faithful. Energetic. Mentor. Collaborator. Mom. Dog Lover. Fun Seeker. Just another person trying to make happy memories each day that I am fortunate to wake up to and see the beautiful sun shining. Hello world, here I am!

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